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Cadence Okki Nokki

The Okki Nokki functions in the same way as any other vacuum cleaner. The bi-directional motor allows for cleaning in both clockwise and counter clockwise direction. Fluid is applied manually so that a film covers the records surface, prior to swivelling the stainless steel suction arm into place for fluid removal. A switch on the front of the unit controls the vacuum action.

Okki Nokki will clean seven LPs prior to draining via a small tube at the side; this is a simple operation.

Measuring just 350 x 350 x 210 mm (w x d x h) this cleaner is truely compact and efficient. We recommend using this machine with Net 33 record cleaner.

  • Built-in safety features prevent fluid being sucked into the vaccum motor and the turntable motor overheating.
  • Made in Germany with the highest build values.
  • Cool running turntable motor allows for hours of use, no need for noisy fans.
  • Forward and reverse motor for 'scrubbing' action.
  • Quiet vacuum motor.
  • Auto shut-off should the user forget to drain down reservoir.
  • Vacuum tubes for 10" and 7" records available.
  • Comes complete with concentrate and brush
  • Pictured with lid