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The Tannoy Dual Concentric is still considered to be one of the most sophisticated and well-engineered driver designs ever made. Given its high efficiency (greater than 94dB) and wonderful sound qualities, it's no wonder that a determined music enthusiasts endeavour to obtain some of their finer loudspeakers.

My first exposure to Tannoy was in 1976, at the home of friend Storm Thorgerson who had the 15" Gold Monitors in Tannoy's Rectangular York enclosures. I was mightily impressed with the coherence, dynamics, tonality and overall majesty of the sound. In the years hence, I have heard the following Tannoy speakers: Corner York, Canterbury, Corner Chatsworth, Rectangular Chatsworth, Lancaster, Corner Lancaster, Arden, IIILZ and the awesome GRF. It is my personal observation that the musical bass quality is something of a Tannoy house sound  while at the same time exhibiting a great openness in the midrange and treble.


  • fitted with 15" silvers £16,500
  • fitted with 15" reds £14,550
  • fitted with 15" golds £12,000

Tannoy Guy Fountain Autograph Corner Loudspeaker Enclosures- houses 15 inch Tannoy Dual Concentric Monitors. Perfect replicas-built from original TANNOY plans

Built in high quality ply and finished in high quality real wood veneers of your choice. The highest quality production, built to last.

height 152cm - width at walls 107cm - frontal width 73cm - depth front to corner 72cm.

This is the worlds finest Loudspeaker System. It ensures that large orchestral and choral works have a sense of spaciousness and breadth, that chamber music and solo vocal music possess that intimacy very necessary for their full enjoyment and modern music has exceptional realism. The Autograph simply produces the complete range 'effortlessly' and has ALL of the best qualities of musical reproduction without any of the 'nasties' of any other type of speaker.

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