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These are a perfect reproduction pair with fully real veneered fronts [un-usual].

They have 2 pairs of removable front panels, one pair is solid and the other pair are covered with acoustic cloth,. They are on professional castors for ease of movement and the front panels are lockable.

These speakers are made with marine ply and fitted with late 15" reds with x-overs constructed with audiophile components.

They sound awesome in every way.

 photo PastedGraphic-1_zps719c6074.jpg  photo PastedGraphic-2_zpsfbf53a85.jpg  photo P1140004_zps02c63ae3.jpg  photo P1140006_zps6cada387.jpg  photo P1140007_zpsd1e66c5f.jpg  photo P1140008_zps8d3e4249.jpg  photo P1140011_zpsf6b3099d.jpg

LOWTHER Corner Acoustas fitted with new PM6A's, £950

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YAMAHA NS-20 vintage speakers £2750
Completely restored, beautiful condition. Unusual design in that the bass cone is shaped like an ear and is the same size as the cabinet.
62cms x 85.5cms × 30.7cms

TANGENT bookshelf speakers, boxed, very good condition [£225] £95


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