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Hello and welcome to BigEars Audio, based in Cornwall, UK.

On this site you will find an interesting array of new and good quality used equipment including vintage hi-fi. I will always buy in your equipment to help finance any purchases you may have in mind.

My own personal choice is for valve amplification partnered to highly sensitive speakers, usually of a horn-loaded nature. Consequently, I have a keen interest in vintage amplifiers and speakers. However if you prefer transistors then you really have to listen to the NAIM range of equipment. Pace rhythm and timing are all trademarks of NAIM and the build quality is second to none. 

I have hands-on experience of many valve amplifiers, exciting dynamic speakers, smooth refreshing CD players and, of course, superb turntables and tone-arms. I am happy and confident to give recommendations. 

I deal in a wide range of high-end audio equipment and have a large and well-facilitated demonstration room, usually with three different systems to audition. Having said that, I feel strongly that audio equipment should really be demonstrated in ones own living environment. In many cases a demonstration room is not that useful as systems 'play rooms'. You therefore need to experience the equipment you're interested in 'at your place' - this can be arranged so don't be afraid to ask. 

Please take your time to look around the site, and feel free to contact me if you have any queries on the equipment for sale or any aspect of the payment and postal process.

Ordering hi-fi using Paypal is gradually being rolled out across the site - at the moment all of the used equipment can be ordered with Paypal or you can contact me and pay with credit/debit cards through e-mail.

Thank you.